Forthcoming workshops

Writers Forum Workshop – New Series is meeting online for the duration of the UK’s COVID-19 (Coronavirus) emergency. In-person meetings will recommence once the current restrictions on public assembly are lifted, and when it is safe to gather in physical spaces again. At present, this seems unlikely to happen for at least another few months.

The online workshops take place on the second Saturday of each month in the usual time-slot of 3.30pm-5.30pm (UK time), via Zoom. All are welcome to take part and share innovative poetry with the workshop. To receive an email with a link for the meeting, please make contact via the Facebook page for the event here, or by entering a comment on this site.

The next few workshops will take place on:

  • Saturday 13th March 2021
  • Saturday 10th April 2021
  • Saturday 8th May 2021
  • Saturday 12th June 2021
  • Saturday 10th July 2021
  • Saturday 7th August 2021