Next workshop: Saturday 11th February with Clive Gresswell

The next Writers Forum Workshop – New Series will be on Saturday 11th February at The Barley Mow pub, 127 Curtain Road, London EC2A 3BX (nearest stations: Old Street and Shoreditch High Street). 4pm start, finishing for 6pm. Free admission. Please join us and share your new writing. This month we are delighted to host an extended presentation by Clive Gresswell, followed by discussion of his work.

Clive Gresswell is an innovative poet and writer from Luton in Bedfordshire. He took up the art late in life after redundancy from a long career in journalism and going to university in his early 50s. In becoming interested he regularly began to attend Writers Forum Workshop – New Series meetings where he honed his craft to this point of publication with Knives, Forks and Spoons. He is grateful for the skills he has been able to garner from the practice and poetics of the others at Writers Forum from whom he had learnt a great deal. Jargon Busters is due out later in the year.

Three poems from Jargon Busters


dance of dying verbs

the fact is he is better at it

& they will never

the cops did it

sleeping with the enemy

& the corpse is already rotting

in headlines of decay

while honeybees trace rhythm

chattering his jagged shark teeth

tear into pulpy fruit-flesh

the hollow laughter recorded/played back

no, as if time had moved on

& double-backed

sifting through rubble & burn – the once refused


something here to replace

the gaps in his blackened teeth

swollen tongues ignite the granite giant

flames of enemy language us licking at tortured limbs

mouth-to-mouth one long scream




last night tore grim shrieking words

from the core my best friend’s throat

the ambulance his desire

emergency life-blood alphabeted

harpooned twisted & rust-hook verbs

saturated ice pools melted designated gurgles

we skipped bank-note tours

& fled into burning cities huddled

museums of big news corporations swaddled

lay birth to jesus’s capitalism immaculate conception

headlines squashed gathering sonnets

reworked into maintenance crews distant murmurs

the hurtling of



beauty is in/the eye/the storm/current enablement draft dodgers/carpet the floor with 100 degree detergents/ice cream salesmen float lazily by/driftwood/harmony/ she mouths no at me/i am in black & white scenes/on the balcony/dressed as early 20th century icons/we meld/into question marks/